We saw many of our known people who were stuck away from their families/friends craving for home-made desi food at the same time we also realized that ordering a regular meal with the same menu was tough to have everyday. That’s when Desi Tiffin Box came-up with the various tastes with desi ghar ka tadka, New Day New Menu.

At Desi Tiffin Box, plans are a subscription-based homemade tiffin delivery. User can choose and customise all your meals from our menu and enjoy delicious flavors of Desi Cuisines.

We aim to be a community that spreads the regional delicacies outside the boundaries of our own homes and make desi people’s lives easier and meal-time tasteier !!

In short, Khana Jo Ghar Ka Yaade Taaza Kr De.

Desi Bhi, Healthy Bhi!